TANTRA is the science of personality. Just as Ayurved was promulgated by the ancient sages of India as a truely Holistic way to maintain the physical body, Tantra is a mental science, a meta-psychology, a method for exploring the mind and developing the range of one's perceptions.

It is said that the state of undifferentiated unity is the only absolute reality, and that the cosmos possesses only a relative reality because it is not permanent and unchanging. All beings possess egos and therefore all beings have personalities. The Cosmos Herself possess the ultimate personalty, the supreme expression of the totality of manifested existence : the Adishakti , or Adya.

The aim of Tantra is LAYA, return of the seeker to the state of undifferentiated existence. It consists only of methods for achieveing this Laya, or union of the individual with the infinite.

Tantra has been divided into Right Hand and Left Hand Paths. The Right Hand Path involves a search for the Unlimited Reality via the road of external imposition of Purity. Its emphasis on personal purity will be familiar to those who knows of Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Raja Yoga, all of which conform more or less to orthodox ideals of religious discipline.

The Left Hand Path relies on its practitioners absolute internal purity to protect them while they practice rituals which may involve necromancy, intoxicants or other forbidden practices. It is truly treachrous for the unwary. Strict renunciation is the prerequisite, extreme enough to purify the aspirant through and through. Only when purity is perfected is the aspirant assigned ritual. Aghora is not indulgence ; it is the forcible transformation of darkness into light, of the opacity of the limited individual personality into the Luminescence of the Absolute. As aghori goes so deeply into the darkness, into all things undreamble to ordinary mortals, that he comes out into light.