Destiny & Us

  • May 15, 2016
  • Amit Talwar

In this world destiny is the root cause of all. Destiny is the means of all our actions. Destiny employs us in various deeds. It is the guide of all our actions.

No person is absolutely free to do any work himself. The world is within the command of nature or Inclination which is dependent on Kala or Destiny. Even Kala cannot violate the LAW OF KALA. It is invoilable or invincible. KALA has no brother, no friend, nokith and kin, no relation, no caste and creed. There is no way out to influence KALA.

Even God, the cause of the universe , cannot influence kala and Destiny. God perhaps does not interfere in the operation of the LAW OF KALA.

(SLOKAS 4,5,6,7, CHAP. 25, kish kindha Ramayan)